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The iSexy Party Network is a social experiment offering member discounts & rewards, outrageous entertainment and money making opportunities all the while improving social skills, party life and fellowship worldwide.

The iSexy Party Network is a network of Everything iSexy, who's doing what, when and where! Nightclubs, Bars, Eateries, Coffee Shops, Retail Businesses, Accommodations and Non-Profit Organizations from around the world are joining the iSexy Party Network to help Party Animals, Shoppers and Travelers, like yourself, keep their itinerary full!



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Our Business Members offer a wide variety of iSexy Party Network Entertainment, Events and Promotions. Dance to vintage Disco Music at the iSexy Senior Prom - Retro • Recall • Reunite • Rejuvenate • Rebuild • Respect, answer questions during iSexy Smart Ass - A Questionable Trivia Game and drink & flirt during iSexhibition - An Outrageous Drinking & Flirtation Game.

You'll watch in amazement and erotic delight as people slurp jello shots off each other's bodies during the iSexy Charity Challenge - A Delicious Fundraising Occurrence and howl with laughter and excitement as people Stuff the Sausage - A Fundraising Event of Enormous Proportions.

For Entertainment, Events and Promotions, please check our iSexy Party Network Database, for a participating location near you!






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To collect iSexy Redpoints, please check our iSexy Party Network Database, for a participating location near you!


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* The dollar value of one iSexy Redpoint is one-tenth of one cent. If you do not have enough iSexy Redpoints, you may pay the balance with an Online Payment. The gifts displayed here are only for the purpose of showcasing the variety of quality products that you will find in our iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall. The Gifts displayed above may or may not be available in the iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall at the time of purchase. Each iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall Store is independently owned, operated and the responsibility its owner. Store Owners reserve the right to change Prices & Redpoint Values and add or delete gifts whenever necessary at their sole discretion.






You'll watch in amazement and erotic delight as people slurp jello shots off each other's bodies during the iSexy Charity Challenge - A Delicious Fundraising Occurrence and howl with laughter and excitement as people Stuff the Sausage - A Fundraising Event of Enormous Proportions. You will fall in love with the beauty, talent and personality of our Dragnet Entertainers, so much so that you will be completely under their spell and simply hand them money!

Our hats are off to Dragnet - A Fundraising Network of Camp Drag Volunteers, who make this all possible! Our volunteers, AKA "Dragnettes", are an organized group of iSexy Party Network Independent Representatives who entertain in camp drag style and volunteer their talent, time & money with the sole purpose of raising money for charity through iSexy Fundraising Events. Volunteers Wanted!

If you would like to donate and give back to the community all the while being entertained, please check our iSexy Party Network Database, for a participating location near you!






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iSexy Party Destinations
Don't see your favorite Party Destinations listed? Why not Join The Party! and become an Independent Representative through our Affiliate Program, help "Put Them on the Map" and begin collecting more iSexy Redpoints!

BONUS: As an Independent Representative you'll earn Commission Checks each and every month from the iSexy Redpoints purchased by the businesses in your Network! If you don't need or want the money, simply tell your favorite Party Destinations about the iSexy Party Network and when they contact us we'll do the rest... plus keep your money!





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I'm seeking Independent Representatives in your area to help grow the number of iSexy Party Network Destinations offering iSexy Redpoints. More Destinations = More iSexy Redpoints = More FREE Stuff!

It's an easy sell, simply find Nightclubs, Bars, Eateries, Coffee Shops, Retail Businesses and Accommodations that want a personalized Rewards Program to help improve their bottom line, build a stronger and more loyal customer base and/or reward their employees for a job well done!

It's perfectly OK to be a little greedy! Concentrate first on businesses that you already have a personal relationship with and by doing so will give yourself, family and friends more iSexy Party Destinations to collect iSexy Redpoints from.

I offer a generous 3 Tier Affiliate Direct Marketing Program that pays out 10%, 5% and 2% cash commissions each and every month! Commissions are generated from all the purchased iSexy Redpoints made by the participating party destinations you signed into your network, plus the thousands of quality items purchased from our iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall by members in your network!

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Blaine Klingaman
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

These days everyone needs a little financial boost, Join The Party! and let me mentor you on how to earn 3 Tier Affiliate Commission Checks each and every month, Build a stronger customer base for your business or Raise much needed funds for your favorite charity, as you pay-it-forward by showing other people how to do the same!

Our system will show you just how easy it can be Making Money & Fun! I'm proud to report that with the encouragement and guidance of my mentor I have personally generated $1540.00 since I joined the ISexy Party Network!

If you're ready, Join The Party! and let's get started...



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mission statement
I wanted to create the most unique 3 tier affiliate driven direct marketing entertainment company that was entertaining (dah!), edgy, laugh out loud fun and structured differently from other direct marketing companies! It had to be Free to Join and with No Monthly Membership Fees or Monthly Products to purchase in order to keep your downline. It also had to be fair, simple, helpful, lucrative and self-promoting for everyone!

I didn't want to limit this outrageousness to just our business promotions, but include the fun in our website, fundraising efforts, merchandising, marketing tools and company gatherings; plus encourage this fun spirit to be generated and enjoyed by the businesses and people who participate!

Don't wait another minute, Join The Party! and together we can laugh all the way to the bank!

Blaine Klingaman
Founder & CEO of Outrageousness for the iSexy Party Network, LLC.
Oh!... and did we mention that he's also an all around nice guy?


















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