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30583.00 - Get Social & Party! - Start a Home-Based Business - Entertain Your Patrons - Help Others Succeed - Be a Smart Ass! - Raise Charitable Donations - Drink & Flirt! - Make Money & Fun! - Build a Stronger Customer Base - Collect Points & Rewards - Get Free Stuff - Rickroll Your Friends! - Rebuild Your Business! - Sell Your Products

* Technically it's not a car, but it will get you there in style plus it's better than Cow Farts! Elio is the Official Vehicle of the iSexy Party Network that achieves an amazing 84 MPG Highway, is Made in America utilizing 90% North American Content and is Engineered for a 5-Star Crash Test Safety Rating. Standard features include A/C and heat, AM/FM stereo, power windows, power door lock, seat belts, three air bags, auxiliary port, ABS and traction control. Learn More!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my company website! I would love to send you one of our really awesome 4.25" x 5.5" iSexy Party Network Ultra Cling Window Stickers to display in the window of your Vehicle, Nightclub, Bar or Retail Business?

All you have to do is send me the name of the sticker you desire* along with a Self-addressed, Stamped #10 Envelope to:

Free Window Sticker % blainevk
2255 Lenox Road NE, Suite G-8
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

Limit: One Sticker Per Envelope. *Special Order: You may request the first name of your partner, city, state or country for a personalized isexyourpartner-city-state-country window sticker! Affiliates may purchase their personalized promotional Window Stickers in Bulk Buys!

Blaine Klingaman
2255 Lenox Road NE, Suite G-8
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

These days everyone needs a little financial boost, so let me mentor you on how to start your own Full-time or Part-time iSexy Party Network Home-Based Business, Build a stronger customer base or Raise much needed funds for your favorite charity, as you pay-it-forward by showing other people how to do the same!

With Four (4) Business Models, Three (3) Tier Commissions and Fourteen (14) Income Streams our system will show you just how easy it can be Making Money & Fun! I'm proud to report that with the encouragement and guidance of my mentor I have personally generated $!

If you're ready, Join My Team! and let's get started...


Commissions:  $640.00
Donations:  $293.00
Performances:  $29,650.00

Total:  $30,583.00
Commissions: Total amount of money earned by iSexy Affiliates from Three (3) Tiered Purchases made in our Redemption Center plus Multiple Income Streams.
Donations: Total amount of money raised for 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organizations.
Performances: Total amount of money earned by iSexhibition Game Operators from weekly Performances of iSexhibition.
Total: Total amount of money generated by iSexy Party Network since its launch!

Monies generated are submitted by each iSexy Party Network Affiliate as they are received.

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